Screw the position

Author: Viktor Vetturelli


Yesterday I had a cup of coffee with a good friend who became a sponsor for the B2B Run in Croatia. He asked me: “Viktor, what do you think is the best position for my brand on the race?”

This is the way of thinking about the most sponsorships - how should I do the branding? But that is the wrong question, sponsorship is not about branding and your company, it’s about connecting deeply with your audience.

Our researches show that, in most cases, companies spend a lot of money for their sponsorships, but a poor percent of the audience associates itself with this sponsor or brand afterwards. Even worse, a high percentage of the audience attributes to the competitors. 

This was the case with Adidas as an official London 2012 Olympic sponsor and Nike. For sure, Adidas technically made a good job but the company’s voice didn’t distinguish from the competition to matter.

That is always the case when you are thinking about branding or short-term attention through ads or nowadays social media instead of building something that represents value for the audience.



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