Embrace your doubts

Author: Viktor Vetturelli


Since I established VETTURELLI, I try to eat a more or less healthy lunch with my colleagues or friends, to get some rest from work and to tank up energy for new challenges.


At this very moment I’m trying to relax and not to think about work, but as you know this is not always possible (it’s possible but I’m weak). So yesterday at one of these lunches the question "Should we take shortcuts or be faithful in our work and beliefs?" came up.


Now everybody will immediately say - what a question! Of course you have to stick to your beliefs and your work!


We believe that sponsorship isn’t a tactical instrument to raise visibility and/or sales, but rather a long-term approach that will influence your company's culture and your overall business results, and therefore in our line of work you have to go the extra mile.


But what I see, especially in the communication world, is that clients themselves (or better said managers) are not interested in lasting work and results. They’re interested in noise, this kind of noise, which at first seems cool, accumulates ‘likes’ and creates a short buzz, but has no influence and connection to business results.


Many times it would be much easier for us to sell a service or a project that we don’t believe in and which will not influence the business results of the client. In this way we would have less work with particular projects, a higher turnover and the customer would be satisfied. 


Therefore it’s not easy to be steadfast, because many times you don’t satisfy short-sighted managers with your beliefs.


But regardless, I will embrace my doubts, try to stand up for my beliefs and have a good lunch tomorrow.


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