No experience!

Author: Viktor Vetturelli


"No experience, you can’t say this in an interview", a good friend said to me critically after an interview which my partner and beautiful wife Dijana gave to the national newspaper. His point of view: it is an absolute no-go in the business world to say you can’t do something, you have no experience or you have no knowledge!


Really? Let’s see!


We can't be experts in every field, fact! Though, I know a lot of people who think they are!


To be clear about what we can and can’t do is crucial for the quality of our work.

With this approach, we can concentrate our energy on the activities that are most meaningful to us and our clients.


Therefore, it is a strength to say that we have no experience in a particular area. If our work or project requires knowledge which we don’t have, we have great professionals for this particular area.

Our challenge is to incorporate different teams into our work and to provide the clarity for what the teams stand for and what is their job. With the complete clarity, we manage to be efficient and are capable of greater results and solutions for our customers.


Peter Drucker said: "People are effective because they say 'no', because they say: 'This isn’t for me'".


Any questions?