Sponsorship has a job to do!

Author: Viktor Vetturelli


Recently, I have heard and read a lot about how old sponsorship models don’t work anymore and that the sponsorship model will be disrupted. Most of the time, in my opinion, this is BS! Old sponsorship models never worked in general (especially during the last 20 years) and that has nothing to do with the change that was brought about by social networks, millennials or anything else.


The only reason why sponsorships didn’t and don’t work most of the time is because the companies who buy the rights (or their agencies) as a rule don’t do their homework. Often they are too focused on the output and not the outcome. Their hope to sponsor a great organization is the most important thing, and they think that all you have to do is a fancy activation around this sponsorship. Wrong!


If your company/brand has no contextual relationship with the sponsored organization, then it probably has not thought through what concrete goal this sponsorship has to accomplish. If there is no broader and deeper dimension for the business and stakeholder as to why a company bought these rights, all the effort thinking about sponsorship models, millennials, and social networks is in vain.

In other words, shifting from generic content to underlying causal context is profound.


Or in simpler word, if you put garbage in, you get garbage out!


So do your homework if you want to use the power of sponsorships. When sponsorship is done well, outcomes will be great.