Dijana Vetturelli after graduating from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, she began her business career in the Robert Bosch Group where she acquired international experience in the area of marketing, sales and strategy (in Germany, Austria and Poland). 


Upon her return to Croatia she was, within the concern, on the universal level, the only woman in the managing position (country manager) in the automotive area. Through her position she met with sponsorship requests and sponsorships from the company side on a daily basis. Meeting her future husband - a professional athlete, she slowely entered the world of sport and discovered the hidden potential of sponsorships. With the aim to maximise its benefits for all included parties, at the end of 2005, she founded the strategic sponsorship consultancy - VETTURELLI consulting. 


She specialises in strategic planning and efficient solutions, and her greatest challenge is devising sustainable projects.

Viktor Vetturelli first became acquainted with the subject of sponsorship at the age of 12, when as a young table tennis player he wrote his first request for sponsorship to sports equipment manufactures. 


A German, whose professional sports career brought him to Croatia at the end of the 90's, he graduated economics in Zagreb. Upon completing his studies he became employed in the company Lidl, where in a managerial position he gained international experience. After a few years spent in a company he combined his acquired experiences in sport and became active in the area of "marketing through sports" i.e. strategic sponsorships. At the end of 2005 he founded the strategic sponsorship consultancy - VETTURELLI consulting.


He specialises in creative solutions and organisation, while his greatest challenge is to inspire the "Aha effect". 

Filip Mott has an MA in Communication Sciences from the University of Zagreb.


He started to work at the early age as a journalist writing for various web portals and weekly newspapers. As an active member of DKMK (Association for Communication and Media Culture) - a small organization that is trying to achieve a higher level of media literacy for all children – he earned a Special Rector's Award.



Filip joined VETTURELLI in 2015 as a sponsorship activation manager.


Ivan Fedor graduated at Centre for Croatian Studies, at the University of Zagreb and has a master degree in communication sciences.


Through his whole academic education, he really enjoyed trying to understand the mechanism by which the media operates. As a student, he won three Special Rector’s Awards. He tried to gain experience in all aspects of journalism and media - he worked at radio Antena Zagreb as a news presenter, at a "TV student" and Croatian National TV as a TV host and at a daily newspaper "24 sata" as a journalist. 


He joined the VETTURELLI team as s sponsorship activation manager in 2016.