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Zagreb, 31.01.2017

And the AHK Innovation Award 2016 goes to “The Missing Piece” project that was created and conducted for our client Allianz.


Today, technology-based innovation is everywhere. Almost every day we see, hear or read about some great IT solution, which is so simple, easy and innovative that it will make our life instantly better. Innovation and IT sector have almost become synonymous.


But innovation is much more. For us at VETTURELLI innovation stands for new approaches that enable our clients to meet their objectives.


With Allianz we didn’t create just a good solution for a problem, but rather a great context-specific action plan that highlighted the opportunities and turned new learnings into a map for solving some of the detected problems.


That is why we are greatly honored that The German-Croatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce recognized the “The missing piece” project as the most innovative in 2016 and awarded it with the “AHK Innovation Prize.”


So far it is the fifth award the project has won.

Exciting weekend at the Sporto Conference


Portorož, 17.11.2016 - 18.11.2016

At the leading annual regional Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Conference «Sporto» Dijana Vetturelli led a panel discussion about the influence of sponsorships on internal communication and corporate culture.

The participants of the panel were Tina Cipot, Head of PR Department LIDL Slovenia and Katja Šteblaj Krasko, Head of Corporate Communications ELES.


The aim of the discussion was to give the audience insights into how to activate sponsorships not only externally but also internally.

LIDL Slovenia was very successful in using the power of the Slovenian Paralympic Committee and their athletes to inspire their employees and prepare them for dealing with  challenges brought on by their work and life.

ELES picked a group of sports ambassadors to help them communicate values of the company.


During the SPORTO conference Slovenian Marketing Association awarded the best sponsorship projects in the region.

International jury, consisting of seven members, awarded the “Be The Missing Piece” project as the best sponsorship project in Croatia (SPORTO Best sponsorship of Croatia 2016).


In cooperation with Allianz Zagreb, the project was created by VETTURELLI.


SPORTO Best sponsorship of Croatia 2016 is the fourth prize won by “Be The Missing Piece”. The digital part of the project, implemented in cooperation with the digital agency Degordian, won the Awwwards “Site of the day”CSS AwardsCSS Winner, and CSS Design Awards.

Dijana Vetturelli in the jury of Europe's most coveted sponsorship award



On 9 February 2017, Europe’s best sponsorship projects of 2016 will be presented in London. The most prestigious award in this profession, the “ESA Excellence Awards” will be presented by the European Sponsorship Association, and this year for the first time in history of the competition Croatia will have its representative on the jury – expert in strategic corporate sponsorship, Dijana Vetturelli.


The jury is made up of the greatest European experts in the field of sponsorship, who are active in different sectors, from university professors, through the Director of British Gas, to the director of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Since the jury selection is preceded by a very strict selection process in which many experts compete, invitation of Diana Vetturelli is a great recognition for her solutions in the field of strategic corporate sponsorships. During the three-month process of judging, entries will be evaluated in 21 categories, including the “Best of Europe” award.


Dijana Vetturelli, owner and director of VETTURELLI, has created a number of sponsorship strategies that have been recognized and awarded at both national and international levels. “I am pleased by the fact that I was recognized by the European umbrella organization for sponsorship and I hope that Croatian companies in the future will approach sponsorships in a strategic manner, as is common practice in developed markets, and that in the coming years we will continue to have our representatives at the ESA.


More information about the ESA Awards can be found at:


New Grand PRix for VETTURELLI



Croatian Public Relation Association assigned their yearly awards at Friday, 11th of March, and for the best internal communication project is chosen the project „Get started" with Branimir Budetić  conducted by VETTURELLI Sponsorship Architectures for Allianz Zagreb.


Dijana Vetturelli, emphasized the importance of the award: „We are very pleased that the CPRA recognized our work and effort. In Croatia, sponsorship is still seen very one-dimensional, so we are delighted that we have partners who are, together with us, ready to discover new  paths in sponsorship.“


This was the ninth assignment of this prestigious and most important CPRA award. The Grand Prix awards were divided into 9 categories, while special awards were assigned to individuals for excellence in professional accomplishments. This year for CPRA award competed 61 project.

VETTURELLI held a lecture at the 2nd Students' Conference of HUOJ



Under the auspices of the Zagreb City Assembly, on 15 and 16 December the premises of the European House in Zagreb hosted the 2nd Student Conference of the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ).


During two days of the conference, experienced Croatian experts in journalism and public relations - Ružica Cigler, Ivana Dragičević, Nensi Blažević, Ozren Muller – held lectures and workshops on media and understanding of media literacy, as well as on event management in sports.


The conference also hosted Dijana and Viktor Vetturelli who held a lecture entitled "Creating legacy through sponsorship". Through one and a half hour interactive presentation the participants of the Student Conference were acquainting with the historical development of the sponsorship through examples of major companies that have activated their sponsorships in sports with the aim of leaving a mark on the community and the society in which they operate.


Sponsorship that is launched with the idea of "leaving a legacy" and at the same time is neglecting the appearance of the logos, in Croatia is still undervalued and ignored practice. For that reason, through the examples of sponsorship activation which had a vision of their business achieved through corporate social responsibility, VETTURELLI showed students what can be accomplished if the true value of sponsorship is being exploited and how sponsorship can be best utilized through the thoughtful and timely activation.

The Vetturelli duo launches a series of working breakfasts for sponsorship makers



The relaxed, morning atmosphere in the pattiserie "Mak na Konac“ was an excellent scenery to bring together representatives of leading Croatian companies like Allianz, Agrokor, Vipnet, Jamnica, Erste bank, EOS Matrix etc. to talk about one of the most versatile marketing topics - which is the basis and essence of sponsorship?

Guided by the idea that the successful sponsorship is the artwork woven from the company's value which has the power to change the world of its stakeholders, Dijana and Viktor Vetturelli launched a series of working breakfasts to showcase the latest trends, best practices and to develop discussion with the expert community. With the aim of increasing knowledge amongst its distinguished guests, and with the goal to encourage them to talk about the state of sponsorship in Croatia, Dijana Vetturelli held the presentation entitled „Essence of sponsorship“.

The central theme for the first business breakfast were recently conducted study on the state of sponsorship in the Croatian market and examples of most inspirational sponsorship activations in art&culture.

Name of the Game



At the 16th HUOJ conference held in Opatija last Thursday, Dijana Vetturelli led a panel discussion entitled „The Name of the Game“ in the role of the panel moderator.


The panel participants were, one after the other, recognized experts in the field of public relations: Ranko Vučinić, Ozren Muller, Ana Sršen and Dragan Perendija.


The focus of discussion was put on to public relations and sponsorship in sport, with the purpose to give an insight into the stories of successful practices of communication – in and throughout the sport. Interested audience followed the conversetion between Dijana and distinguished guests for more than an hour, which only indicates the interest and importance of this topic in the world of public relations. 

SPORTO Brunch 3



CiV and the Slovenian agency SVR-SA held a SPORTO Brunch in Zagreb, and thereby within the sponsorship community continued with presenting an example of good practice and discussion on the topic of strategic sponsorship in sports.


Viktor Vetturelli, who opened the third SPORTO Brunch presented the topic «Creating legacy through sponsorship», pointing out how companies through their sponsorship activities create permanent changes and added value for the society as a whole.


Bruno Blumenschein from Overtime Sports Marketing and Nino Štambuk from RTL presented their successful story about digital communication for RTL television during the World Handball Championship, while in the round table discussion led by Tomaž Ambrožić, the head of Coca-Cola’s corporate communications Igor Ćutuk and Bruno Blumenschein discussed whether sponsorships are a communication channel or a marketing tool.

Another award for the "Wholehearted coaches"



Yesterday, the Slovenian Marketing Association awarded the most successful sponsorship and marketing projects in the Adriatic region, for the third consecutive year. This year 33 projects were in four different categoris registered for the prestigious SPORTO Awards.


The "Wholehearted coaches", an Allianz project conducted in cooperation with CiV consulting, received the highest score among the Croatian ones and was awarded by the SPORTO Best sponsorship Award of Croatia. The highest scores are automatically qualified for European competition for sponsorship associations in the category of "Best of Europe" which will be held in January 2015 in London.

CSR Award for the "Wholehearted coaches"



The Croatian Employers' Association awarded Allianz and the "Wholehearted coaches" for the best corporate social responsibility project in the category of big companies.

Driven by the vision to enable every child with disabilities to his fundamental right to exercise sports, Allianz has used the power of the paralympic sponsorship and in cooperation with CiV consulting developed a unique activation project. They have chosen to use the sponsorship by shifting from marketing to solutions - by shifting from talking to solving issues.


In order to do so, they created a communication project "Wholehearted coaches" and opened swimming and athletics groups in 13 Croatian cities. The peculiarity of the project is its sustainability and the story about - wholehearted coaches - which are the most loyal companions of these young people, and perhaps future Paralympic athletes.

Vetturelli duo held a lecture for students



At the invitation of Aspira, University College of Sports Management, Dijana and Viktor Vetturelli held a lecture on the topic of sponsorship. They revealed to students different aspects of sponsorship and pointed to the range of opportunities that sponsorships offer on the example of Croatian Paralympic Committee.

CiV signed new cooperation agreement



Last week CiV has signed a cooperation agreement with Slovenian Paralympic Committee. During next two and a half years CiV will be responsible for the overall marketing of Slovenian Paralympic Committee, including development and implementation of marketing communication strategy, as well as sponsorship strategy.

Contractual obligation of cooperation refers to the period until the end of current Paralympic cycle, i.e. after the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

First SPORTO Brunch held in Zagreb



First SPORTO Brunch was held today in Zagreb. This is the first joint activity of CiV and Slovenian agency SV-RSA, after these two companies recently signed a partnership agreement.  During the Brunch, the results of research on the state of sponsorship market in Croatia were presented, as well as two successful practices - sponsorship activation of Olympic and Paralympic Games and Hypo Alpe Adria Bank and Eurobasket. At the end, during the presentation "Examples of sponsorship activation in internal communication",  Dijana Vetturelli emphasized that company’s strength lies in its employees.

CiV hosted German Croatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce's Jour-Fixe 
German Croatian Chamber of Industry and Commerce's Jour-Fixe, second this year, was hosted by CiV consulting. The Jour-Fixe was held on March 25th at bistro "RougeMarin" and the topic was - sponsorship. In front of members and guests of the Chamber, including representatives of Allianz, BASF, KPMG Croatia, HT and others, CiV was presented by Dijana Vetturelli. Focus of the presentation was on sponsorships and unused potentials in the Croatian sponsorship market. After the presentation more than 80 gathered members of the Chamber participated in an interesting discussion on this topic.

CiV has signed a partnership agreement with the Ljubljana-based sports communications agency S.V.- RSA.



The main goal and motive for the partnership of CiV and S. V. – RSA is the desire to share knowledge and good praxis in the field of sports marketing and sponsorship and set (even) higher standards on this business field in the region. Both parties agree that sponsorship is, also because of limited market insights and information about the possibilities it offers, still an undervalued tool of marketing communications and has huge potential to grow.


As part of the partnership, two smaller events, named SPORTO Brunch, will be organised in Zagreb as a preface of the SPORTO Conference. The main event will otherwise be held for the 11th consecutive time in (S)Portorož on November 20th and 21st. Together with S.V. - RSA, we are also conducting a survey about the sponsorship market in Slovenia and Croatia that should give us better insight into both markets.


Dragan Perendija of S. V. – RSA, sports communication, the SPORTO Conference organiser, said: »Sports marketing and sponsorship are still a relatively young, but very exciting part of the business. Since the beginning, SPORTO believes in sport as a universal platform without geographical or language barriers. The region connects us, while our partnership with CiV gives us another impulse to upgrade our activities.«


Viktor Vetturelli added: »I am happy that we have found a great partner in the Slovenian agency S. V. – RSA. Because we are in the same business field, I am confident that the co-operation will bring benefits to our clients, with which we work on different campaigns. I am sure that the outcome of this partnership will be that everyone involved in sports marketing and sponsorship will get even more and better information.«



Dijana and Viktor Vetturelli in the Media Marketing magazine



The new issue of the Media Marketing magazine features an interview with the founders and leaders of CiV consulting. 


Media Marketing is a regional magazine delivering news from the advertising and PR industry in the region and the world. Each issue brings in-depth analysis of trends, interviews, stories that promote creativity in advertising, reports from industry festivals, etc. 



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Yo can underestimate me as a person, but not as an athlete



On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2013, Croatian Paralympic Committee introduced its new communication campaign entitled You can underestimate me as a person, but not as an athlete.The goal of the campaign is to influence public awareness, especially of sports institutions, about the unequal status of Paralympic athletes. 


The campaign features successful and well know athletes, medal winners: javelin thrower Branimir Budetić, long jumper Mikela Ristoski, swimmers Matija Grebenić and Kristijan Vincetić and the table tennis player Anđela Mužinić and was conducted in the coopeartin with marketing agency Bruketa&Žinić, media agency Pakt media, digital agency iStudio and CiV strategic sponsorship consultancy.

Dijana Vetturelli at the Croatian Sports Conference



Dijana Vetturelli participated at Croatian sports conference in the panel "How to attract and retain sponsors?". The conference was held on the 13th and 14th of September 2013 in Hypo Centre Zagreb, and has gathered a numerous experts from the world of sports (Luis Figo, Dario Šimić, Ranko Vučinić, Dubravko Šimenc, Nika Fleiss) and corporations (experts from Deloitte, Marinka Akrap from Podravka, Ivona Janjić of Agrokor ...).

Research: Sponsorship in Croatia



Leading domestic strategic sponsorship consultancy CiV, completed a large sponsorship survey. The general conclusion to be drawn through from the results is that local companies, both from private and public sector, do not generate maximum opportunities through sponsorships, despite spending a large amount of money on it. According to the survey, which was conducted on a sample of 34 local sponsors, a total of 44% sponsorships referred to sport, 22.3% to arts and culture, 9.2% to science and education, 9% to ecology, etc.


Generally, around 50% of funds in Croatia are invested in sport which is still behind the world sponsorship investments amounting to nearly 68%. The biggest investments in sponsorships are accomplished within the financial and telecom sectors, followed by the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, trade and eventually the motor vehicle industry.


According to some studies presented within the research it is absolutely clear that in relation to the international practice Croatian usage of sponsorship potential is lower by 27.5%.

The problem of insufficient implementation quality stems from the fact that large number of Croatian companies use sponsorship only with the aim to increase its visibility and that within the organizational structures it is unclear which departments are in charge.


Unfortunately, one of the core reasons of this problem lies in the lack of knowledge in marketing area. Head of the research project Viktor Vetturelli stressed that domestic companies still lag behind developed Western companies. "This is about insufficient education and lack of knowledge in this specific area. Survey indicated that 90% of Croatian companies use exclusively media evaluation to measure success which clearly shows that they are following the same goal - to increase visibility. Sponsorship is not only a communication channel but more about a clear company's statement and its values. The power of sponsorship lies in broadness of goals that a company can achieve and differentiation offered by individualized goals.  Generally speaking, sponsorships are globally growing and this trend is expected in Croatia as well especially with the long expected recovery of domestic market and increased competition.”


Grand PRix 2013


CiV consulting has won the Grand PRix 2013 for the most efficient communication project in Croatia in the past two years, on the Grand PRix event of the Croatian Public Relations Association in Zagreb on April 11th. The Jury awarding the success of creating and conducting communication strategies on the market has given top scores to the Paralympic School Day, created by CiV in cooperation with the Croatian Paralympic Committee.


SPORTO International Award 2012



The Marketing Association of Slovenia, praised the CiV project "Paralympic School Day" by the SPORTO International Award 2012, which is an award in the sports business for successful marketing and sponsorship projects in the Adriatic region. The competition was very though and among them were 29 projects from international marketing agencies, companies and sports organizations with big budgets like soccer, skiing, ice hockey or basketball.