Why sponsorship?

One of the hardest tasks we had and still have is to explain that sponsorship as an approach needs defined objectives and a clear strategy, because the common thinking is still that sponsorship is just a marketing instrument, communication channel or tactical tool.


But what it is is a unique way to connect with all stakeholders, give meaning to your company’s mission statement and achieve one or maybe both of the two categories into which all marketing objectives fall: changing perception or target markets behaviors around your company.


Yet many companies fall into a trap and use sponsorship as a tactic approach to raise visibility and/or sales rather than a strategic one which is a result of the company’s overall business strategy. Understanding strategic approach to sponsorship is far more complex than defining a few tangible assets that look nice in the RoI report.


So, if you are interested to create and conduct successful sponsorships we will be happy to assist you with our expertise in strategy, management and training.