Sponsorship Training

In-House Sponsorship Training for Sponsors

For us a successful sponsorship is a unique piece of art integrated in the company's overall business. Consequently it is necessary to get a common understanding and synergy between company's different departments. Our In-House Trainings bring strategic assistance for decision-making at all levels of the company and gives clear instructions for each member of your team so that they know their role, and in which direction the sponsorship process is heading.


Sponsorship Training for Sponsorship Seekers

Sponsorship is far more than free VIP tickets and banners on sports fields. Its true value lies in your members and supporters community, and the rights you will offer to sponsors. Even the smallest community has its potential sponsor and its price, and they are defined through in-depth analysis of the market. The Sponsorship Training will give you the basics about sponsorships and enable you to identify the full range of benefits you can offer; to create an interesting offer; identify the best potential sponsors and how to negotiate.